The National Philanthropy of Sigma Phi Omega is to "Raise Awareness of Domestic Violence in the Asian Community and Promote the Prevention of Domestic Violence Against Women."  
The sisters of Sigma Phi Omega are passionate about serving the community and reaching out to those in need.  Throughout the year, our chapters host numerous events that benefit the victims and their families.
Every October during National Domestic Violence Awareness Month, each chapter hosts  S.A.F.E. Week (Stop Abuse in Family Environments) to educate, inform and raise monetary contributions towards assisting victims of abuse. Past activities have included: kick-off rallies, street carnivals, donation drives, creating pepper spray from scratch, tournament fundraisers, talent shows and benefit concerts, and workshops such as self-defense classes.
Sigmas stand behind our motto "The reward is in the doing" and are committed to giving back to our local communities throughout the country.